Roof Cleaning

Roof Cleaning

850 sq ft

Living in Missouri certainly has its benefits, but the humidity is certainly not one of them! the humidity can cause so much damage to your roof and shingles! 

With all the humidity we have, lots of build up can happn. After years of buildup from weather and natures creatures your roof can have an outstanding amount of algea, moss, lichen and any other pollutants that may have found their way onto your roof. 

With a soft wash it provides the best wash with our biodegradable detergent and it will also keep your shingles in tip top shape. 

The reason we dont use the high pressure wash with materials like shingles, is the high pressure will cause instant damage to your shingles. It could cause them to fall apart in pieces or even slide off! the soft wash helps prevent that. 

The algea and other plant material does spread from roof to roof, so although you may not be able to prevent it, getting regular washes every two to three years, will help keep that roof looking shiny and new!

Usin zinc or copper sripes or copper granules. While it helps, its not always reccomended unless you have completely replaced your shingles and/or your roof. 

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